Jun 7, 2008

Bambi Is That You?

One of Natures Lessons!
We came across this new born fawn on our way back from the Roland Golf Course. It lay so still, alive but what we thought was barely breathing. Not knowing what to do next, my mom picked it up and moved it further from the road as it lay so close to the edge. We looked around for it's mother wondering if she had abandonned the little one or if she would even be back for it. The little one was still so new that parts of it were still wet and part of the umbilical cord was still attached. When I told my nieces that we'd have to find a name for it, they were very creative and came up with "Bambi", how much more original can you get from a 4 year old!!! So Bambi it was to them, but for my nephew it was "Archie". We went back a short time later to check up on Bambi or Archie and it was up on it's feet. A little wabbly and shaky but none the less it was so very alive and very playful! We were told that the mother couldn't have been that far away and that she would be back for it before dusk. We trust she did.

Here is a link with some information on what you should do if you come across a new born fawn.